Theme trails in the mountain village Goms – Find knowledge while walking

Cäsar Ritz is my friend. I would like to tell you about him. There is hardly anything I do not know about Goms chapels. I will explain you how the protection forest manages to make Goms a habitable place. I have stories to tell about the land and its people. I know why the potato fields in the mountain village Goms are tiny. Line up, I am your theme trail.

When wanderlust and a craving for knowledge get you, the mountain village Goms offers a great deal of attractions to satisfy your interests.

Erlebnis-Fuer GeistGemuet-Wellness-Kneippweg




Themenweg Schutzwald

Grafschaft, «Gommer Höhenweg»

Erlebnisweg Reckingen-Gluringen


Dorfrundgang Reckingen-Gluringen_Broschüre

Reckingen - Gluringen

Kulturweg Münster - Geschinen

Münster - Geschinen



Erlebnis-Fuer GeistGemuet-Themenwege


  • Wanderung
    Flowered natural meadows, bright larch forest and alpine flora rich in species accompany you on the way to unique Münstiger sun terrace. The hospitality of mountain hut Galmihorn and 360° broad panorama reimburse you for the effort of climbing up. The wilde and romantic Bächi valley welcomes ...
  • Wanderung
    You feel like hiking apart from beaten pathways? Then set off for discovering beautiful Stockji-peak! Enormous scenic pleasurable experience as well as a stunning far view on mountains and valleys are guaranteed for you!
  • Wanderung
    Alpine circular hike on to a wonderful rewarding summit with view to 4000 metres mountains of Valais and the glaciers of Aare.
  • Wanderung
    The Gommer Höhenweg, first Premium Trail of Switzerland, leads from Oberwald to Bellwald - along the sunny side of high mountain valley Goms. As a comfortable one day hike of Gommer Höhenweg the section from Oberwald to Münster can be chosen.
  • Wanderung
    You like to hike across the Galebrunne? Please explain The local people describes Galebrunne as the alp that, after an immense rock fall, sits highly enthroned above the talus of Ritzingerfeld. Like from an eyrie you enjoy a gorgeous sight into the beginning of Rhone valley at your feet and across ...