Biking pleasure on Rottenweg trail

Entlang der jungen Rhone Bergdorf Blitzingen/Bodmen
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Biking pleasure on Rottenweg trail

The more or less even trail Rottenweg, alongside young Rhone river is perfect to explore Obergoms. At one point across wide meadows, at another point through sparse forest the Rottenweg trail leads from village to village. This comfortable biking trail therefore really invites to discover the excellent gastronomy of Obergoms area. Also hikers or buggies are often seen on Rottenweg trail. A pleasureble trail for young and old, junior and senior alike.

Tour data

Tour length:25 km
Time requirement:2 h
Ascent:115 m
Descent:280 m
Highest point:1376 m.o.s
Starting point:Oberwald, station
Places along the route:Oberwald - Obergesteln - Ulrichen - Geschinen - Münster - Reckingen - Gluringen - Ritzingen - Biel - Selkingen - Blitzingen - Niederwald - Steinhaus - Mühlebach - Ernen

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