icn_wandern To wild and romantic lake Bru

Der kleine wildromantische Brusee Spilsee Lengsee (Variante B) Vorderes Galmihorn

To wild and romantic lake Bru

The small lake Bru is situated in a secluded part of wild and romantic alpine landscape of Obergoms. After a climbing rich in vertical metres departing from Biel allow yourself an extensive rest at chilly lake Bru before you walk further on along the track. Hiking past the rocky Honeggerhorn you get to the Mittelsee and further down toward the valley you reach beautiful Spilsee. Via the popular panoramic trail you finally get to summit station Flesche / Bellwald.

Tour data

Tour length:10.83 km
Time requirement:5 h
Ascent:1446 m
Descent:654 m
Highest point:2723 m.o.s
Starting point:Biel, station
Places along the route:Biel - Hanspill - Brusee - Honeggerhorn - Mittelsee - Spilsee - Bellwald / Flesche

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